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30th Jun 2019(Sun)
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Today's Sermon
"The Problems You Cause By Being Alive When You're Really Supposed to be Dead"
Pastor C.L. Norman

The physical appearance of Jesus and Lazarus embarrassed them and proved then to be liars.

They said He was not God and a false prophet. But when He raised Lazarus and got up himself He proved then as liars.

Resurrection means being alive when you're supposed to be dead. When Jesus was absent when Lazarus died the Pharisees
painted Him as a liar and showing no compassion for His friends. When He arrived 4 days later He showed them that He was
truly the resurrection when He called Lazarus from the dead.
Jesus prayed to the Father to show them who He really was through
the resurrection of Lazarus. They had an eye witness account of the power of Jesus.

How do you have resentment for Lazarus when
the scriptures never show that he said a word. Just his presence was a Living Testimony to the power of God. This caused problems
for the enemies of Jesus. How do you put to kill someone who had already been dead before? Lazarus presence threatened their stance
with the people. Not only did they have to kill Jesus but Lazarus too.

The black race is the current Lazarus. We should've been dead or
in the background or still in the fields but we keep showing up. We keep showing up in the world in places we shouldn't have ever been,
jobs we shouldn't have, schools we shouldn't attend and houses we shouldn't be able to live in. We keep showing up. We're coming to the
banquet and sitting at the table with Jesus!!!!


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